Environmentally Friendly Technology Choices

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    Are you looking to buy environmentally friendly technologies, appliances, and the like?

    Or are you simply looking to buy from vendors who are helping the environment?

    We are building the list to help you make great choices for Mother Earth.

    #1 Are you hosting a WordPress website somewhere?

    Consider using an environmentally proactive company like GreenGeeks.

    • GreenGeeks works with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to match 3 times the energy usage of our platform with renewable energy.
    • GreenGeeks works with the One Tree Planted organization to plant a tree globally for every hosting account provisioned on our platform.

    Try GreenGeeks Now

    #2 Need a new computer?

    Buy a refurbished one!

    You can find some great deals on lightly used laptops and computers, and when they are refurbished by the pros at Dell you can count on them being a great buy.

    The best part?

    When you buy a refurbished computer, you prevent it from making its way into the landfill.

    You save money, and the planet thanks you!

    Buy Dell Refurbished Computers

    #3 Looking for a Customer Support/Service solution?

    Help Scout is a certified B-Corporation that supports businesses focused on creating positive environmental impact.

    If you run a business and you have customers, you need a customer support/service system.  Why not buy from a company that is trying to help the environment?

    Buy a Customer Support Solution.

    Final Thoughts And Hoping For Your Help

    We are only just starting.  Who should we include?

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